What is VrachtDirect?

VrachtDirect is like a taxi dispatch, but offering transportation for goods instead of for people.
Suppose, your son is moving to another town for his study, and you want to give him your old sofa. Excellent plan, but how are you going to get it there?
Or you've laid hands on a sweet second-hand dining table with six matching chairs online. Will those fit the back of your Mini?
Or you've finished your shopping spree at the furniture giant, and, standing outside with half a dozen flatpacks, come to realise that that may be a bit of a bother taking a train with.
For whatever you want to move, VrachtDirect offers a suitable transport solution: from furniture and appliances to vehicles and vessels. And all very affordable. Easy, innit?

And who are you people?

Do you happen to know the original TaxiDirekt(in Dutch)?
We are the same people who, some twenty years ago, were the first to successfully challenge the monopoly of the then-only taxi dispatch in Amsterdam.
That self-same attitude of accessible technology and good customer service we now put into our new company.
To keep the cost of overhead and development low, our software development is done overseas, but of course we do have people right there in the Netherlands to talk to personally.